New sentences:
Jahr 2012 // Jahr 2012
26th CW: Find the opposites. (Gegenteile)
1. You can do it WITH me. You can´t do it …. me.
2. The boy is BEHIND the house. The boy is … the house.
3. I´m not HUNGRY. I´m … .
4. I ALWAYS walk to school. I … walk to school.
5. He BOUHGT his car last year. He … his car last year.
6. I LIKE reading. I …. reading.
7. I was home BEFORE six o´clock. I was home ... six o´clock.
25th CW: What would you say or think in these situations?
1. A big dog is running after you. a) It wasn´t my mistake.
2. You can´t find your parents in the supermarket. b) I´m scared.
4. You want to buy a DVD but there´s not enough money. d) I don´t agree with you.
3. What you did wasn´t wrong. c) It´s too expensive for me.
5. You don´t think that your friend is right. e) I´m worried.
24th CW: simple present OR present progressive? Choose the correct tense and form.
1. I ... with my parents on Saturdays. often / to go
2. Where ...? It´s already after ten! you / to go
3. I ... where he lives. not / know
4. The children ... outside at the moment. play
5. He ... . usually / be
6. It ... a lot in Merzig in autumn. rain
7. But now the sun ... . shine
23rd CW: Unit 6: Vocabulary Find the right words:
1. I really ... our last English lesson. a) finished
2. We ... on a day for our party: next Saturday. b) smiled
3. I ... my homework two hours ago. c) enjoyed
4. He .... at me but didn´t say a word. d) hurt
5. He ... his leg when he played football. e) agreed
21st CW:
1. When you do something wrong , then it´s a ... a) afraid
2. You see a dog and you run away, so you´re ... b) hour
3.The opposite of inside is c) 3 pm
4. There are sixty minutes in an ... . d) mistake
5. The German time "15 Uhr" is ... in English. e) outside
19th CW: simple present OR present progressive? Choose the right form
1. He ... the newspaper now. a) is reading b) reads c) reading
2.When ... you ... up in the morning? a) are/getting b) do/getting c) do/get
3. I can´t help you, I' ... TV. a) watch b) m watching c) m watch
4. He ... football on Friday afternoons a) play b) is playing c) plays
5. - Where .. you ... ? - Home. a) are/go b) do/go c) are/going
18th CW: Put in the right verbs in the simple past
1. When he ... me, he started to run. a) didn´t/invite
2. Why ... you ... him, he´s nice. b) didn´t make
3. There ... a lot of people at the show. c) saw
4. I ... any mistakes in my last test. d) did/see
5. Where ... you first ... him? e) were
16th CW: Find the mistake in these sentences Tipp:
1. I will a new skateboard for my birthday. wollen?
2. Let´s meet at 14 o´clock. Uhrzeit
3. There isn´t some butter in the fridge. negativer Satz
4. Where´s Jack? – In his room, he reads a book. jetzt/gerade
5. The police is looking for a young boy. "viele" Polizisten
15th CW: Choose the right word... ... from this list:
1. He isn´t in his room, he´s ... in the bathroom. a) argue
2. We are good kids. We never ... . b. divorced
3. You can have my bike. I don´t like it ... . c) remember
4. My parents aren´t together, they´re ... . d) still
5. - Can you ... her name? - Jane, I think. e) anyway
14th CW: Put in the "simple past" forms. Choose the correct verb here.
1. We ... him yesterday. a) didn´t /buy
2. They ... him a funny story b)have/said
3. Why ... he ... the new computer game? c) didn´t see
4. I... never ... that! d) did/find
5. Where ... you ... this cool T-shirt e) told
13th CW: "Odd one out": Eins der Wörter passt nicht in die Reihe: (TIPP)
1. play, try, pay, buy (Bildung: simple past)
2. worked, played, listened, climb (Aussprache: -ed)
3. collected, needed, invited, walked (Aussprache: -ed)
4. watched, laughed, danced, phoned (Aussparache: -ed)
5. go, think, play, buy, (Bildung: simple past)
12th CW: Find the opposites
1. married a) early
2. late b) in front of
3. behind c) left
4. long d) divorced
5. right e) short
11th CW: (All the words are from UNIT 4) Put in one of these words.
1. I cant buy this T-shirt, it´s ... expensive . a) reasons
2. There are two ... why I hate him. b) both
3. I can´t see him because he´s ... . c) hiding
4. Why do you always make a ... in your room? d) too
5. I like the green and the red bike, they´re ... nice. e) mess
10th CW: (All the words are from UNIT 3) Put in the RIGHT form of these words
1. Do you ... where my father is? a) lesen
2. He ... to have the red shoes. b) müssen
3. I like ... books. c) wissen
4. We ... do exercise 5 for homework. d) sich treffen
5. Can we ... at 5 o´clock? e) wollen
9th CW: Find the right word for these sentences.
1. I can wait for you ... the school. a) stellen
2. What can we do ... school? b) heute
3. Can I ... you a question? c) hinter
4. Let´s ride our bikes ... afternoon. d) viele (2 words)
5. This word has ... letters. e) nach
8th CW: Find the right word for these sentences.
1. Let´s meet ... you go to school. a) buy
2. My bike is ... the garage. b) expensive
3. I like this T-shirt. Let´s ... it. c) about
4. Tell me ... your family. d) another
5.You can´t get it because it´s too ... . e) busy
6. This CD is no good, give me ... CD. f) before
7. I can´t come. I`m too ... . g) in front of
7th CW: Choose the right answer. UNIT 4
1. Have you got ... good books? a) much b) any c) some
2. Here are ... presents for his party. a) much b) any c) some
3. There isn´t ... juice in the fridge. a) a lot b) any c) some
4. Where´s my friend? I can´t find ... . a) he b) his c) him
5. Let´s invite ... . a) they b) their c) them.
6. My parents are looking for ... keys. a) they b) their c) them.
7. Listen, ...'re singing a nice song. a) they b) their c) them.
6th CW: simple present or present progressive? (UNIT 4 starts here)
1. Where is he? He ... in the garden. a) works b) is working c) is work d) working
2. He always ... his mum in the garden. a) is helping b) is help c) helping d) helps
3. What ... you ... on Fridays? - Nothing. a) are - do b) do - do c) are - doing d) do - doing
4. Be quiet, my brother ... . a) is sleep b) sleeping c) does sleep d) is sleeping
5. Look, the train ... . a) does come b) is comeing c) is coming d) comes
6. Peter ... about him when he´s not at home. a) is worrying b) worrys c) worries d) is worry
What´s the correct word? Choose:
7. I ... go home, because it´s late. a) agree
8. You´re right. I ... . b) can´t