New sentences:
Jahr 2013 // Jahr 2013
16th CW: One of these words is ... NOT correct.
1. installation, chatted, accident, unconcious
2. hidden, writen, fed, bought
3.headache, paramedic, paragraphe, surrounded,
4. female, male, husbands, wifes;
5. important, survive, wonderfull, exciting
6. argument, explaination, describe, business,
15th CW: Find the right sentences for ... these words.
1. Last year we met our ... in France. a) says
2. You should read the ... before you turn on this machine. b) enters
3.The text ..: Don´t open the present now. c) relatives
4. He ... the house before his parents. d) weak
5. The opposite of strong is ... . e) instructions
13rd CW: Eins dieser Wörter wird anders betont. Welches?
1. between, describe, amazing, borrow
2. argument, vowel, unhappy, heroes
3. anything, trousers, wonderful, exciting
4. prepare, online, probably, afraid
5. surrounded, sentence, temperature, accident
10th CW
Adjective or adverb? positive, comparative, superlative?
1. He works (gut). a) well b) good c) goodly d) gooder
2. His computer is (schlechter) than mine. a) more badly b) worse c) badder d) more bad
3. I can do these exercices (leicht). a) easy b) easier c) easilier d) easily
4. He always answers (am langsamsten) . a) slowliest b) most slowly c) the most slowliest
5. He sang (schlecht) than her. a) badder b) worser c) worse d) more badly
5th CW: Unit 3 if- clauses
1. You (get) home earlier if you (drive) faster. a) get/drive b) will get/will drive c) will get/drive
2. What (happen) if he (not, get) the job? a) will happen/don´t get b) happens/doesn´t gets c) will happen/ doesn´t get
3. If he (understand) the question , he (must) answer it. a) understands/must b) will understand/must c) understand/ must
4. (not, do) this, if you (be) tired. Do not /is b) Don´t /are c) Don´t do / are
5. She (explain) it to you if you (listen) carefully. a) explains/will listen b) will explain/ listen c) will explain/will listen
Jahr 2012 // Jahr 2012
52nd CW
Unit 2: Find the right form of the adjective
1. Your test was .... mine. a) worse than -b) worser as -c) badder than
2. That was my ... mistake. a) bigger -b) biggest -c) most big
3. My teacher is ... yours. a) godder than -b) better as -c) better than
4. London is the ... city of all. a) more exciting -b) more exciting -d) most excitin
43rd CW: Find the right words for these sentences: from UNIT 1
1. Can you explain this sentence ... me? a) by
2. Can I have a cup ... tea, please? b) through
3. We got in ... the window. c) in
4. We spent the whole summer ... the sea. d) to
5. We didn´t get to school ... time this morning. e) of
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25th CW: Find the right question tags.
1. He can´t be there at nine, ... a) is he?
2. He likes you, ... b) does he?
3. He doesn´t work from 9 to 4, ... c) doesn´t he?
4. He isn´t at the party, ... d) didn´t he?
5. He went there to help, ... e) can he?
6. He won´t be able to come, ... f) won´t he?
7. He will be back soon, ... g) shouldn´t he?
8. He should talk to me, ... h) will he?
24th CW: Put in the forms of be able to, be allowed to, have to
1. I ... to come to your party because I´m ill. a) wasn´t able
2. We .... to pay for the tickets, the concert was free. b) didn´t have
3. When I was five, I ... to speak English. c) aren´t allowed.
4. Can I bring my dog? Sorry, dogs ... d) won´t be able
5. She ... to tidy up her desk before she can start. e) haven´t been allowed
6. I ... to visit my friends for 3 days now. f) has
21st CW: Find the right word for these sentences.
1. A hundred years are called a ... . a) alternative
2. You throw it away because you don´t need it, it´s ... . b) recycle
3. Another word for choice is … . c) famous
4. When you use old material again then you … . d) century
5. Somebody a lot of people know is … . e) rubbish
20th CW: Choose the right answer:
1. What ... TV tonight? a) is played b) is on c) is in the d) gives it
2. I ... a fan of Bayern Munich for 10 years now. a) am b) have been c) was d) am being
3. We ... to Paris yet, but we will soon. a) didn´t go b) have gone c) are going d) haven´t gone
4. He likes watching TV … evening. a) at b) on the c) on d) in the
5. I want … me when I come home. a) that he helps b) you to help c) to help d) that you meet
19th CW: Choose the right answer:
1. I didn´t go ... church last Sunday. a) at b) in c) to d) on
2. Oh, look. Janet .... ; there are her bags by the door. a) arrived b) arrives c) has arrived d) is arrived
3. Of course, my bike isn't .... yours. a) as fast as b) as fast than c) less fast as d) more fast than
4. … you … home yesterday? a) Have / walked b) Are / walk c) Did / walked d) Did / walk
5. There aren´t ... books on the table. a) any b) a lot c) some d) much
18th CW: Match these sentences
1. The bus was late? a) It´s too dangerous.
2. I don´t need it. b) I´m in a hurry.
3. You´re not for me. c) That´s no excuse.
4. You shouldn´t do it. d) You´re against me!
5. I have to go. e) You can keep it.
17th CW: if- sentences
1. If she … him, he'll stay. a) will ask b) asked c) would ask d) asks
2. If you want this book, I ... it for you. a) buy b) am buying c) will buy) d) bought
3. He will learn English more easily, if he ... so much German. a) speaks b) doesn´t speak c) isn´t speaking d) speaks not
4. I ... you, if you don´t listen to me. a) won´t help b) don´t help c) am helping d) do help
5. If you see him, you ... ask him a) will can b) can c) --- d) will can
6. ... your homework every day, if you want to get better at school. a) Make b) Will do c) Do d) Must you do
16th CW:
1. He´s working hard because he wants to ... his English. a) bet
2. There are different DVDs, ... the one you like best. b) remember
3. I know him, I ... he´s late again. c) arrive
4. Do you ... her name? I don´t. d) improve
5. When does the train ... at the station? e) choose
15th CW
1. Please speak a little … . a) more slower b) more slowly c) slower d) slowlier
2. They told … what to do after the show. a) he b) to him c) him that d) him
3. You … do the dishes if you have something else to do. a) needn't to b) don't need c) mustn't d) needn't
4. "How long … your new boyfriend?" "For Two years.” a) do you know b) are you knowing c) did you know d) have you known
5. - ... in France two days ago? - No idea. a) Are they b) Did they be c) Have they been d) Were they
14th CW
1. I ... watch TV last night. a) haven´t b) didn't c) can't d) don't
2. Mr Miller´s tests are .... than Mr Smith´s. a) the most difficult b) difficulter c) more difficulty d) more difficult
3. .... you … to the cinema yesterday? a) Have/gone b) Do/go c) Did/go d) Have/go
4. This book isn't yours. It's ... . a) mine`s b) your c) his d) to him
5. ... you like a cup of tea? a) Can b) Would c) Could d) May
13th CW
1. When Simon ___ back tonight, he'll help you. a) comes b) will come c) come d) came
2. ___ Tom Cruise on TV two days ago? a) Did you see b) Have you seen c) Have you saw d) Did you saw
3. ____ radio is on the table? a) Who’s b) Whose c) Where`s d) Who
4. ____ you met him already? Yes, I ___ . a) Have/have b) Have/`ve c) Have/met d) Did/did
5. John is a ___ pupil, he works ____ at school. a) good/good b) well/good c) good/goodly d) good/well
12th CW
1. "____ that show on TV last Friday? ?" a) Did you see b) Have you seen c) Did you seen d) Saw you
2. "Have you ever been to London?" "Yes, I ____ there last August." a) have been b) went c) have gone d) were
3. 'Have you seen our new brochures?' '________' a) Not yet b) Ever c) Already d) Not
4. She read your note, ____ she? a) hasn´t b) doesn't c) don't d) didn't
5. How ____ money do you have in your pocket? Not ____ . a) many/a lot b) much/a lot of c) much /much d) a lot /a lot
11th CW
1. We … new DVDs. a) have no any b) haven't some c) haven't got any d) have any
2. I think she is ... her brother. a) carefullier than b) more careful as c) more careful than d) more carefully than
3. He ... never ... me before. a) is/helping b) did/ helped c) has/helped d) did/help
4. Where's the ... bus stop, please? a) nearer b) most near c) more near d) nearest
5. We ... our parents yet. Let´s do it now. a) didn't phone b) weren't phoning c) aren't phoning d) haven't phoned
10th CW
1. "Who found my book?" "I … ." a) did find b) found c) did so d) did
2. It was late at night, so there weren´t … people in the street. a) much b) any c) a few d) some
3. …are so many people at the station because … waiting for … bus. a) There/their/they’re b) They/there/they´re c) Their/they´re/their d) There/they´re/their
4. Have you seen your parents? Yes, I ... them yesterday. a) have seen b) seed c) saw d) see
5. "Where's your father? " - He ... yet." a) isn’t coming b) didn´t came c) hasn´t come d) hasn´t came
6. This is ... building in the world. a) the biggest b) the most big c) the most bigger d) the most biggest
9th CW: Do you remember these words?
1. I met her three days ... . a) seit
2. ... CDs are great. b) in
3. She’s good ... German. c) heute
4. I haven’t met John ... years. d) vor
5. I met him ... morning, e) die beiden
7th CW
1. Why do all young people love ____ loud music? a) listen b) listening to c) hearing to d) to hear to
2. The bus was gone, so I ____ take a taxi yesterday. A) am having to B) musted C) had to D) have to
3. I´m terribly late, can you ___ me to the station? a) bring b) take c) fetch d) go
4. Do you like watching TV? Yes, I ___ . a) like b) watch c) do d) does
5. I can´t see ___ in here, it´s so dark. a) something b) any c) some d) anything
6. Do you want ____ to dinner tomorrow evening? a) that I come b) I come c) to come d) to coming
7. We have our French lesson ____ Tuesday. a) to b) at c) on d) of
8. He ____ he was going to help us. a) told b) said me c) said d) told to me
6th CW: simple past or present perfect? Choose the correct form:
1. I ... him at a party last week. a) met b) have met c) did met d) have meet
2. We ... our books yet. a) didn´t find b) haven´t found c) haven´t founded
3. When ... you ... your letter? a) have - finished b) did - finish c) have - finish d) did - finished
4. Look, I ... my bike. It´s like new now. a) cleaned b) have cleaned c) did cleaned d) have clean
5. Where ... you ... this car? a) have - bought b) did - bought c) did - buy d) did - buyed
5th CW:"false friends" this week: Find the English word the German:
1. Can you give me your ...? Handy
2. I like eating ... . Chips
3. He ... he could help me. meinte
4. We ... do exercise 5. müssen nicht
5. There´s a nice ... near Losheim. See
6. There are two ... in Merzig. Gymnasien
ASK QUESTIONS: Ask for the parts in CAPITAL letters Stelle Fragen zu den Satzteilen in Großbuchstaben:
7. Peter likes MUSIC. (direktes Objekt): What ...
8. PETER likes music. (Subjekt): Who ...
9. John WORKS in the garden. (Prädikat): What ...
10. John works IN THE GARDEN. (Adverbiale Bestimmung des Ortes): Where ...
11. THE MUSEUM is interesting. (Subjekt: SACHE!): What ...
12. He buys the toy BECAUSE IT´S PRETTY. (Nebensatz des GRUNDES): Why ...
4th CW: Multiple Choice
1. John is a good worker: he works very … . a) hardly b) hard c) good d) many
2. She walked … the road without looking. a) by b) through c) across d) long
3. He doesn't like people around him. He always works … . a) lonely b) solo c) only d) alone
4. It was so late that I … take a taxi. a) have to b) was to c) must d) had to
5. I don't like tea. Can I have … ? a) something else b) something other c) other thing d) anything other
6. When … Mr Jones? a) have you met b) you did meet c) you met d) did you meet
3rd CW:Multiple Choice
1. There are ___ people in the house. a) the b) a c) any d) some
2. Are there any people in the house? No, ____ . a) any b) there isn´t c) it isn´t d) there aren´t
3. What languages ____? a) do you speak b) you are speaking c) speak you d) are you speak
4. "I’m well, thank you. And ____ are you?" a ) how b ) what c) who d) so
5. He sleeps during the day and works _____ night. a ) at b ) at the c) on the d) ---
6. This summer is ___ than last summer. a) weter b) more wet c) wetter d) wet
7. I can only see _____ . a) a few bottle b) a little bottles c) a few bottles d) many bottles
1st CW 2012: Multiple Choice
1. What ____ ? He´s a teacher. a) is he doing b) does he c) does he do d) is he do
2. He sings ____ me. a) better as b) more better than c) better than d) gooder than
2011 2011
52nd CW:Multiple Choice
1. I usually wear pullovers, but today I___ a T-shirt. a) wears b) wear c) wearing d) am wearing
2. Can we ___ at your house and have a party? a) come b) see c) find d) meet
3. This car is more ___ than yours. a) fast b) faster c) modern d) quickly
4. This test is __ difficult for me. a) too b) to c) enough d) much
5. When he woke up at 5, he could hear ___ in his house. a) anybody b) everywhere c) someone d) anything
6. He doesn't speak English very ___. a) best b) good c) better d) well
7. "John is on the phone." "Who ___ to? a) does he talk b) is he talking c) talks he d) he is talking
8.I __ you are his best friend. a) know b) am knowing c) knowing c) knows
9. Please read __ letters now. a) there b) they´re c) their d) them
10. He went to Paris___ train. a) with b) with a c) by d) by a
11. When did you ___ these photos? a) make b) made c) do d) take
12. Would you like __ coke? a) an b) some c) any d) two
13. There aren´t ___ chips left. a) some b) much c) any d) a lot
14. I´m going to New York ___ English. a) to learning b) to learn c) for to learn d) for learn
15. What ___ in your free time? a) do you b) do you do c) are you doing d) make you
16.I went to London three years ___ . a) before b) ago c) last d) now
17. He ___ meet his brother in MZG tomorrow. a) will b) is c) wants d) is going to
18. He is a ___ singer than me. a) badder b) more worse c) worse d) badlier
19. My father ___ in a hospital. He´s a doctor. a) is working b) works c) work d) does work
20. This car is ___. a) my b) mine c) mines d) him
21.You ___ watch TV now, do your homework first. a) must b) musn´t c) can not d) mustn´t